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Fairies & Fireflies is just a part of Michelle Fisher Photography where I get to be more creative.  They are styled sessions with a theme in mind.  Everything is planned down to the outfits & style of photos you are looking for.  Sometimes it's my idea that I offer & sometimes it's your idea that you come to me with.  Either way, it's a magical session.  No, it's not just for kids.  Anyone can have a Fairies & Fireflies session.  


What makes them different?  These sessions do not produce a large number of images.  I am shooting for about 10 final art pieces for you to chose from.  Each is edited to a precise look that I am going for with your input in mind.


You may view the Fairies & Fireflies Blog here:

Fairies & Fireflies 


Fairy Sessions are now booking for July!!!  You may book HERE or view the Facebook event by clicking HERE.