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Michelle Fisher Photography Studio

Welcome to Michelle Fisher Photography! With the many options available to you for photography these days, I appreciate you taking the time to consider me as your photographer. Please browse the website and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.



A little about me...


I hate having my photo taken, lol!!! But because of that, I work to make sure everyone loves their photos. I don't sleep and will often work all hours of the night, don't be surprised if you get emails from me at 3am. I seem to be attracted to water, so if your session involves water it will be amazing.



I am married with two amazing children, a teenage girl and a boy in kndergarden. My children have inspired me to explore my photography. While trying to capture all the little moments in their lives, I have found a love for all aspects of photography. After many years of practice and learning the craft, I took the leap to do this as my career a couple years ago. It is the hardest yet most rewarding "job" I have ever had. I don't consider it as much a job as my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I have learned to see things with a photographer's eye looking at the light and all angles to find the real beauty in everything. It is a passion that keeps me up at night planning & constantly thinking of new ways to improve my skills and also to improve the business.


I specialize in women's portraiture but work in all areas of photography. From the tiniest newborn all the way through adulthood, I love capturing those special moments in people's lives that they will remember and look back on forever. But.... if you give me creative license over the session, I will come up with some really unique ideas that will set your photos apart from most anything else you've seen around here.



My style...


Today's clients don't want the same old pictures, they want images that are reflective of their own personalities and style. What high school senior wants the same boring "yearbook" shot as their parents'? I work with my clients to produce images that have a unique and refreshing perspective. During a pre-session consultation I will talk with you to discover what YOU are looking for in your portraits and add my own creativity to get amazing pictures for you.


For kids, I don't always shoot just for smiles. I love all the expressions. I like to catch them playing & off in daydreamland. Sometime a more serious look works. Yes, their smile is a part of what I am looking for, but they are kids and trying to kep them still isn't fun for them or me. If you want the perfectly posed photo with all the props where you get to micro-manage the session telling you child to say "cheese", I am not your photographer.


Senior photos, ah, one of my favorite sessions!!! Teens are up for anything and allow me to work with them to get amazing photos in sometimes the oddest locations. It is always a blast. I have yet to have one show up in a suit for the boring "tradition" poses and I doubt I will.


Glamour, and I am not talking the old "Glamour Shots", modern glamour is a fresh way to capture a woman's beauty in photography. It is about posing, clothing, style.


My brides will be posed not just in front of the church. We will find beautiful locations and head out for a fun photo session where you will get more unique images.



Studio & Location...


Either in-studio, on location, or both, the choice is yours. I have a full service studio in Latrobe on Route 30 if you prefer an indoor session. Outdoor locations are endless.... your home, a favorite park, a more urban city scene, anywhere you chose. If you are having trouble deciding, I have many ideas for locations that provide a great backdrop for your photos.



The Images...


It is my goal to try to make sure you end up with products you love and want to share. It makes me so sad to see the trend in photography of burning images to a CD and calling it a day. I want your images on the wall. Show them, enjoy them, make them art pieces that remind you of the time. You spent the time and money to have the pictures taken, don't let them hide in a drawer waiting to be printed.




The Experience...


I take great pride in making sure that every photo session exceeds customer expectations. Each shoot is unique and customized to fit your personality. I use a hands on approach and will walk you through the entire process. I will work with you to discuss your ideas and plan your shoot around your requests and photo needs. I try to maintain a fun, stress free atmosphere. In the end, I hope to capture beautiful photographs for you, but also to provide a memorable experience.


I often get flack from others because I have my clients in my "friends" list, but to me, if I did my job correctly and taken the time needed with each and every client, then I am pleased to say that yes, I have become friends with many of them. I want to know how the wedding planning is going, if their son got the job he was looking for, and just to keep up to date on their lives.