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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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Expectation vs Reality


What a portrait session with a toddler is really like!!!

As a parent you are so excited for your child's first birthday & start planning.  Chances are photos are involved and you go to Pinterest searching for ideas.  What you find is overwhelming cuteness & perfect little birthday images.  How hard can it be right?


Well the reality is soooooooooo not what you see!!!  Yes we get the shots, but it's much harder than it looks.  Let me explain:


First, a one year old is probably just gaining their mobility & feel the need to explore that more than anything.  Hence, we chase and chase some more.  They rarely stay where we want them too for longer than about 2 seconds.  


Warning: You are going to see real images that don't make the cut in the session.  Most of the images look like this.  And yes they are blurry, kids move, haha.  They move a LOT. 

After that round of chase, there's one or two images that go into the "portrait" folder.  

And everything is more fun to eat, lick, and taste than look at and pose beside.  Yes, everyone's child does this.  

And again, we get a couple great shots.  

Hey, remember, they are still babies, so safety first.  You might not see mom & dad in the images, but there are always there either within an arms length or hidden somewhere in the shot.  

And now it's time for the real fun, cake smash time!!!


The moment you have been waiting for to watch them dig into & enjoy their cake!  Well...... it almost never happens like that. Some aren't interested at all, others cry, and some just up and walk away or push it away from themselves, haha.  But it's never just as you planned.  

Now it's time to jump in and show them.  You will eat more cake than they do every time. 

So we try again, come on it's cake!!!

Cake time is over.  But now comes more fun!  You get covered in cake chasing!  But there's more.......

We want you to have a bath!

And sit down when it's more fun to stand up & try to show off your new walking skills. 

You can see it's more than most realize, but it's all part of it.  They are only little once, so enjoy the process parents and try not to stress.  We get the good shots too.  But we are working on their time, moods, and short attentions spans.  Yes, this is EVERY toddler.  We all stress our child is abnormal, weird, or just doesn't listen.  Not true, they are all the same.  It's not easy being one.  And our expectations are the "finished" shots, haha.  We get them, but this is what it takes to get there.  Be ready to chase and help.  We will set up the shots 12 times as they get played with, chewed on, and just moved about. 


And while I'm on a roll....... I'm not going to pass up the opportunity to tell you to print them!!!  You will cherish these memories for a lifetime.  Don't just put the images on a CD and put them in a drawer to be lost or technology outdated.  Print them. Put them on the wall, in frames, or in their scrapbooks.  You will thank me later.  

Monday, January 22, 2018
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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100 Women Empowerment Project!!!!

If you can't tell from the video on my Facebook, I'm pretty excited about this! My goal is to bring 100 women in front of my camera this spring.  Glamour style portraits.  All ages.  Generations, moms, sisters, friends, business professionals, beauty queens, tomboys....  Starting March 1st, it's going to happen!!!



In previous years, I tried this as 30 women in 30 days.  And it was great!  A ton of fun & amazing images!  But I have something MORE in mind.  It's hard to put it into words, but I feel like I missed part of it and it's been on my mind a lot.  Maybe it's more about the women in the images than the images themselves.  

Have you ever felt "pulled" in a direction?  I feel drawn to this on a number of levels. I won't expand much on that here, but I just have the need to try to do something positive and help empower women in just a tiny way: photo therapy of sorts, but also the bringing together of these women.  


If you also feel a connection with this, please join me.  


Do it for yourself, as a duo, or however you feel works for you.  It's awesome as a stand alone experience to help you boost your confidence.  As a group, it's a girls day full of laughs & fun.  Need to connect with a family member, bring them along.


Here's the details:


Book it now to reserve your spot

(the link is right above the blog post: "Book Your Session")

We get your date & time on the schedule

Pick out some outfits (one a black dress please)

Prepare for some fun 


The cost is $100 per person being photographed.  Included with that are 3 digital images that you pick with a print release.  

The first 10 to book get a BIG bonus.  Hurry, they are already going quickly!


Then you arrive for the session & I take care of the rest.  All of these will be done in-studio.


Hair & make-up styling is available at checkout.  This is optional and up to you if want to add it.  The styling will also be done on-site before your session. 


Here's a little behind the scenes of the last project.



And some of the finished images!


Everyone that time had to wear the poofy skirt for at least one shot.  It has since been destroyed in a pond, haha, so working on something for this time!

Here's your chance to be a part of something amazing!


If you are on the fence, just do it.  Get some timeless portraits at the least and maybe a lot more!

Along with this project, I'll be bringing in some more new things!!!  Fun activities, inspirational content, and more to the studio.  Once they are scheduled, you will be able to sign up for them on the events page of my website.  Right now I am trying for a vision board creation day, slime making for the kids, paint night, and more.  If you have any ideas or want to help with any of these, just send me a message.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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Custom Fine Art Sessions are booking now!!!

So, what exactly are these?


It's a fun short session to produce one amazing image.  We will use special lighting, posing, props and maybe even some wind or fog added to get the look we are shooting for.

It's done in studio with either a black or white background.  The magic comes in photoshop.


To kick things off, I'm starting with character sessions.  All you need is the costume & an imagination! 



Everyone wants to feel like a superhero.  Or to be like their favorite character.  This lets your child be the star.  And how impressed will they be to see themselves on the wall looking just too darn cool.  Seeing themselves in prints is great for a child's self esteem.  It makes them feel special and important to be up on the wall.  And it's really fun!!!  You can make it a family session also if everyone wants to participate.

It's also a great way to capture the memories of who they are right NOW!  You'll have this keepsake for a lifetime & can look back at how things change through the years through bedroom re-do from Paw Patrol to Sports, to DC Comics, and eventually high school disaster, lol.  That comes so fast, take the time to let them enjoy the fantasy of childhood now.   




What's included & price?


Ok, I do hear all of you that money is tight.  But for these, there will be an introductory price for one week.  That cost is $179.  You may also put down a $75 deposit now & pay the remainder at your appointment.

 That includes your session, and choice of one finished product: a vinyl banner, 8X10 metal print, or an 11X14 canvas.  I encourage you to also look up what other photographers charge for a session like this and compare.  


You get just one image, but it will be a WOW image professionally printed on your choice from above.  I will also include a digital watermarked image for you to share on social media to show off your star. 


The $179 price is introductory & will last one week.

If you want one, click the book now button above & either purchase the whole session or put your deposit down.


Additional children or family members are $25 each.  But the session will still produce just one image of the children or group.

If you want each child done individually, they will need separate sessions.  They can be booked back to back of course. 


How does it work?


You just need a costume.  When you come in, we discuss what you want the final image to look like and we shoot it!!  It's that easy!!


It will take me a little while to get you the finished proof for approval, up to 3 weeks depending on how many book.  There is a LOT of detail work done on the computer to get these just right & ready to be printed as a high resolution image.


Superheroes are easy choices, but it can be any character you have a costume for to participate.  

More art sessions will be coming, but for now, here's your chance to get something really amazing that your child will love.  And again, you can make it a family session if all want to get their costumes on.  I can't think of a whole lot more fun than that.  


The model for these is my son.  He had fun shooting them & really loved the "after" images.  He gave me pointers on what he liked in the editing process to make it look even cooler, lol.  More smoke was his first request, haha.  That is still being worked on.  He wants a poster or banner to put up in his room.  



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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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Ever wonder how an image takes shape???  Here's a little look at a recent smoke grenade shot.


Yes, it's as fun as it looks!!! 


The first photo is the finished image.  After that you see how it really happens.   

Handing someone this little canister is the fun part.  What happens next is always a little adventure. 

See, there's a learning curve to these things and it takes a little while to figure it out, haha. 

Once you get through the initial OMG I'm being overtaken with smoke, then it's time to work with it a little.  

And finally the pose starts to happen too! 

Sometimes it takes quite a lot to get to the final image.  But it's always a ton of fun and soooooo worth it.  Abby was my first attempt with the grenades & she handled it amazingly well!!!  They come in all colors too!!!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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I'm going inside the box this year!!!!!


Inside the Box Sessions



This is NOT the final box!!! This one is just to give you the idea.  The much LARGER box will be built on site & be ready in just a couple of weeks.  It will be available for this year's holiday sessions!!!!!  How big will it be?  Well you won't be able to stand in it, but your kids might, lol.




Why Inside the Box Sessions?


No stress of getting the kids to sit still

It's super fun

It's a timeless way to capture your family how it is right now

It makes a great wall portrait or holiday card



Who can participate?

The whole family!!!  We can squeeze a bunch in the box or do separate shots of each person.  


Keep it simple or use props, it's up to you!!!


Since my photo box is under construction, here's a link to view what can be done with these sessions.  They are not my photos so here's some Pinterest inspiration for you to get your thinking caps on until I can get some photos of my own up.  


Click HERE to view


Inside the box sessions will be available with the holiday sessions this year and also as a stand alone session.  More details coming soon.


Since I'll be getting into my new studio late this year, I'll be pre-booking these sessions to make sure I can fit them all in on the schedule.  Message me for more details or to set up your time now & not miss out on the fun!!!


And just so you know.... being a photographer's child gets boring for them really fast.  My son had a blast with these!!!  He keeps asking to do more.  

No fuss sessions = yes please!!!!!


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