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Sunday, November 12, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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I'm going inside the box this year!!!!!


Inside the Box Sessions



This is NOT the final box!!! This one is just to give you the idea.  The much LARGER box will be built on site & be ready in just a couple of weeks.  It will be available for this year's holiday sessions!!!!!  How big will it be?  Well you won't be able to stand in it, but your kids might, lol.




Why Inside the Box Sessions?


No stress of getting the kids to sit still

It's super fun

It's a timeless way to capture your family how it is right now

It makes a great wall portrait or holiday card



Who can participate?

The whole family!!!  We can squeeze a bunch in the box or do separate shots of each person.  


Keep it simple or use props, it's up to you!!!


Since my photo box is under construction, here's a link to view what can be done with these sessions.  They are not my photos so here's some Pinterest inspiration for you to get your thinking caps on until I can get some photos of my own up.  


Click HERE to view


Inside the box sessions will be available with the holiday sessions this year and also as a stand alone session.  More details coming soon.


Since I'll be getting into my new studio late this year, I'll be pre-booking these sessions to make sure I can fit them all in on the schedule.  Message me for more details or to set up your time now & not miss out on the fun!!!


And just so you know.... being a photographer's child gets boring for them really fast.  My son had a blast with these!!!  He keeps asking to do more.  

No fuss sessions = yes please!!!!!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017
By Michelle Fisher
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If you don't already know, I am a photographer in real life, lol.  I am taking the summer off to spend catching up, looking for a new studio space, and just enjoying the summer with my family.  But what I tried very hard to do in my photography business also applies to LipSense.  My favorite sessions are in women's portraiture.  Little girls, teen girls, any woman any age. There's nothing better than seeing them find their confidence & shine in front of the camera or through the photos.  It happens somehow with each one.  Sometimes it's just letting their hair down and having fun at the session, or finally seeing how lovely they are, but it happens.  There's nothing I enjoy better than empowering women to be their best self.


After being in the LipSense biz a few months now, I realize even more how it also applies here.  Make-up & skin care make you feel good.  The selfies make you realize you are truly worthy of sharing yourself with everyone.  And this product does that in some small way.  It helps clear your skin, reduce wrinkles, and have a polished look with no fuss.  Woohoo, truly a product right up my alley.  And it doesn't smudge so when you come in for photos I don't have to edit make-up any more, haha.  


BUT..... I am seeing a trend that I want to call out.  Over & over I'm hearing women say I need to ask my husband for money to purchase. (husband being the word I will use to mean any significant other)  Or I have to ask him first if it's ok.  Or I just can't afford it.  


Well ladies, it's time to stand up & become independent women & help be part of our financial solutions.  Get your own money!!! Stop relying on others for things you want & just go get it!!!  Your daughters are watching.  Let them know MOM can take care of herself and she will grow up to do the same for herself.  I'm not saying ditch your partner, not at all, just don't be reliant on them for everything. There's nothing more empowering than knowing you can do it on your own if you had to & having a back up plan to do it.  



Want to know what it takes to make a few hundred dollars a month of extra money with LipSense??????


-A smartphone

-$55 to sign up

-And a willingness to succeed at your own business


Yep, that's it.  

If that's enough for you, stop here & message me.  If you need more convincing, read on.  



And I'll break it down even farther for you so you can see I'm not feeding you bullshit. Pre-sell (meaning take orders & collect payment) on just 7 LipSense kits a month & you just made yourself $200 dollars profit.  Nothing out of pocket!!!! That's just one sale every 4 days if you really want the simplicity of it.  Now if you can apply yourself to double that & a little more, you make $600 a month or have 25 colors in stock to sell without pre-orders!!!  Sounds pretty easy doesn't it?  Well that's because it is. And there is no limit on your earning power.  


Want to see more success stories, just ask & I'll add you to the look inside SeneGence group where you can see for yourself. 


What would that extra money do to change your situation?  More freedom, less struggle, a vacation this summer, or even a new pair of shoes you have wanted but can't afford right now?  Extras for the kids???  That's where my money goes, lol.  Or never having to ask for things that you want?  It's empowering to stand on your own two feet.  Of course you don't have to, but it's nice to have the resources & security when you need them. 


Now, you will give me all your excuses........ go ahead, tell me why you can't.  



Here's some I've already heard & why they are crap, lol:

I don't want to bother my friends. - Well, they don't pay your bills.  And most are supportive of you, after all, they are your friends.  Most will be happy for you and enjoy seeing you doing something you enjoy.  Some will be put off, sure, it happens but that happens every day regardless of what you post, haha. (politics, religion, the 48th photo today of our kids) 


I don't have enough friends.  - Me neither.  I have like 3 that I talk to regularly.  But in this age of SOCIAL media, you don't need a lot. 


I don't have enough time. - Why?  You can't make an hour a day?  Use it wisely & that's all you need to get started.  I bet you spend that much time posting on Facebook anyway, you might as well make money from it.


I can't sell. - Then don't.  Share the products.  It's actually most beneficial for you to be yourself.  People know when you are feeding them a line of crap. 


I don't wear make-up.  - Cool.  You don't have to wear make-up.  But I bet you either use sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, or any of the other products SeneGence carries.  And you might find that you actually fall in LOVE with LipSense once you try it. 


I've tried these things before & they never work out.  - Me too!!!  But if you can follow a simple system & be open to a little RE-training, you will do great.  


There's too many people selling it already. - Really?  It's pretty new.  And I bet you never heard any doctors saying that everyone is doing surgery now so why bother, haha.  Seriously, there's enough people to go around.  


Still need more convincing???


I read your Facebook posts.  I see the struggle, the complaining, the wishing every day from so many of you that your circumstances are different.  I KNOW some of you need this as much as I did. 


Did you know that 82% yes 82% of all women who make over $100,000 a year do it in a direct sales business.  That's kinda amazing.  These companies understand the needs of their distributors & work to make sure they can succeed.  


Tell a Mary Kay lady that these companies don't work.  They do.  You have to work them.  And with the internet at our fingertips, it's even easier than ever. 


What kind of women are starting these businesses?  All women, all ages, from many different occupations.  Stay at home moms who want to continue to stay home, the executive who's tired of the rat race, teachers on summer break, all types & all stations in life. 


Why?  They want more.  They want it all.  And all means something different to everyone, but that's a decision you will have to make & also your motivation to listen to what it's all about before saying no.

I get it, it's hard to leave that comfort zone.  But if you stay there doing the same thing over & over, what will change???

What happens if you try & fail????  


Scary huh?  Fear is crippling sometimes.  But what's the worst??? You stop & get your money back, lol.  LipSense comes with a 100% guarantee on the business too. You have nothing to lose by trying.  You just have to take the first step.

Take that step..... empower yourself.  Maybe, just maybe it will end up being something truly great for you. I've seen this company change lives over & over.  I can happen for you too.  


Message me.  Let's talk about it & see how this can fit into your life.  

Sunday, April 30, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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What a Selfie and Lipstick Taught ME about Authenticity

Sometimes you just know when you are on the right path in life.  For the past few years I have been preaching & preaching about being IN the photos, boosting self esteem, girl power through photography, all that stuff. Why because we are all trying hard to be ok with ourselves.  It's not easy.  All around us are messages about how to improve yourself & what crazy beauty standard we should follow next. And all through that I still hated having my photo taken.  Fought it with all I have, despised it, and protested. 


Social Media is not our friend in our battle to be good with who we are.  It's full of planned moments put out there to show each & every one of our best sides.  Not the struggles, not our bad days, but mostly social media allows for a fabricated reality we show the world.  It's hard not to compare as we look at everyone's perfect lives streaming by us daily.  We are only seeing what they chose to show us.  And normally, that's the happy, posed, and set-up moments.  As a business owner it seemed like everyone was doing well.  No struggles, and their clients were flowing in.  Is that the real truth?  I don't know because no one is on Facebook & Instagram running a "business is bad & I'm desperate special" now are they?  My old friends look amazing online.  I wonder if they ever a hot mess in their Pjs all day like I am.  Are they staring at their kids thinking they are so weird & could really use a haircut?  Does their dog shed so bad that everything is covered in hair?  Is their house equally a mess to mine all the time?  It just doesn't seem that way when you view it online.  


We see they gorgeous beach shot of their family on vacation, the perfect birthday parties, and happy lives most of the time.  But we never stop to think that they had to work pretty hard to save up for that vacation.  They aren't showing the meltdown that occurred after cake because their child was given the wrong color sippy cup.  And we obsess that we have to be PERFECT & NORMAL too.  We are trying to obtain something that isn't really there most of the time.  We have created a world that is trying so hard to be authentic that there is no authenticity left in it.  


And authenticity is a very valuable thing.  Think about it.  Nordstrom is selling dirty jeans to make it look like you work hard for $425 a pair.  Yes for a pair of dirty jeans.  Who needs that kind of fake to prove that they work hard?  It's a charade we are all playing trying to prove to the world that we are who we are "supposed" to be.  



So, fast forward to me, lol.  As most of you know, I am taking a break from photography for the summer to spend time with family, re-group, and locate a new studio.  I still have to pay my bills, because as much as I want a paycheck fairy, that isn't going to happen.  But, luckily I found a way to do that with LipSense.  Yes, selling Lipstick.  But it's fun & is paying my bills.  


Part of selling LipSense is using your own face to show the colors.  Oh the Horror!!!  Panic sets in huge.  I can't do this.  I DON'T TAKE SELFIES!!!  I can't.  It's arrogant, it's not something my generation does, it's just not me.  But I have to.......  so now what? I don't even know HOW to take a selfie, seriously.  But, I have to try.  65 photos the first try.  Only 65 because my phone was full & it wouldn't let me take any more.  So, I scroll through them physically feeling ill.  Hate them all.  But there's one that I can deal with for now.  So, that becomes the first one I use.  Ugh, can't even look at it & if anyone comments on the post, I just hide the photo so I can only read the comment & respond.   I hate the whole process.  Time for another color.  I take about 30 this time.  Find one I like & post it again.  This time not quite wanting to vomit, but still fighting my hand to hit the post button before I change my mind. 


Still can't do this.  So, I figure I am resourceful, how can I get around the selfie?????  Ah, I'm a photographer, I remember.  Show it on other people.  There's my answer.  So, for a while, I show those pics.  And people aren't responding.  Dammit!!!  I have to show them that I actually use this stuff.  Back to the selfie.  Bust out the ring light this time to blow out some imperfections.  Ah, that was a tiny bit easier.  Photo gets posted.  And it's getting easier each time.  Now they say I need video.  Oh God help me!!!  A moving photo where I actually have to speak to the camera.  I might have a stroke!!!!  22 takes on the first one of those, haha.  My poor phone is getting a workout.  


But it's actually a good thing.  Now, I still hate it, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sick over it.  2-3 photos max is all I am going to take the time to get for a post now.  Why?  Well sometimes you have to get used to seeing your face.  You have to be comfortable with who you are at the moment and say ok yes, it doesn't have to be perfect all the time.  And then I see this in my newsfeed today & blog writing began.  (thanks Meagan)



And this week, another friend texts me her "selfie reel" from her phone trying to pick a photo to post for LipSense.  And it hits me that showing what we go through to get those photos is probably one of the most authentic things we can share.  So instead of posting just that one photo, I asked her to post them all.  Why?  So others can see we all have those insecurities.  We all take 20 photos to get just that one that we are ok with to show to the world.  But the "photo reel" is the true person!!!  It's all of us with insecurities, self confidence issues, not feeling good enough.  We all have those same issues. But it's ok to show them some times.  It's healthy & therapeutic to just say OK.  I'm ok with who I am right now with my imperfect selfie & imperfect life.   


I think we crave authenticity.  We see so much bullshit in life that we know is fake that when you see something real, you are drawn to it.  We miss it.  We don't trust any more because we know there's smoke & mirrors somewhere changing the perspective.  But seeing a truly authentic person is a rare & special thing.  We have slogans about it: "Keepin' it real," "Do you", "Be Yourself."  We all talk about it, but do we really live it?  Maybe we should start.  


I know with business, that when you try to duplicate what others do it rarely turns out how you want.  It's not the real you.  Each & everyone of us has our own gifts to share with the world & trying to be someone else rarely works out well in the end.  It's a truly authentic person that is usually successful.  


So, come this fall, I practice what I preach for "real" this time.  Creative sessions, less editing away "imperfections", more of what makes me a great photographer.  Hope you will all stick around until then.  And here's my selfie reel on a day with no shower because the hot water tank broke first thing this morning, make-up not perfect, bad kitchen lighting, grabbing take out for dinner instead of cooking, and just what life is like today.  And it's not horrible, it's just real life today.



Thursday, March 30, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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I will be taking time off from photography until next fall.  If you have a wedding or session scheduled, don't panic, I'm all set for yours, lol.   And I will still be delivering photos that I have here too. 




#1 My Family 


I have missed so much with them.  For the past 5 years I have worked myself into the ground taking on as much work as I possibly can.  And I missed a lot.  I'd like to take some time to catch up before it's too late.  Enjoy the summer instead of being behind a camera or computer every second of it.  Take a real vacation for once instead of talking about it or finding a way to make it a photography trip.  



#2 New Studio 


My lease is up this year & it's time for a change.  I'll be looking for a new space in my time off to start up next fall.  Attention Photographers!!!  I'll be selling off a lot of my stuff because I have no place to store it until then & would like to start new.  



#3 I just need a Break  


I love what I do but sometimes when it's all you do, you start to resent it.  It takes up my whole life some times.  And I need to step back & find some balance going forward.


#4 Time to Re-Organize


Because I have been so busy, my entire life is an unorganized mess.  Truly.  I need to clean house, update my website, organize it all so that it isn't always a stressor for me. 



So, there's the why.  I won't be abandoning anyone.  And will still be posting on my page from time to time so you don't forget about me, haha.  And if a "photography emergency" comes up I will still be a phone call away.   


How is this possible?  Well I got lucky.  Photography doesn't allow for "extra" income to put away for a rainy day, it's paycheck to paycheck like most people.  A really good opportunity fell into my lap this year that will be supplementing my income while I am off.  Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this.  And I gotta say, ask me about it...... it's completely surpassed my photography income in a short amount of time & less hours.  :)


So, other than a couple appointments & some weddings, I will be shooting for myself for the next couple months.  When my kids get sick of me, I might be calling on some of you to help out.  


I will be holding one Fairy Day this spring so that people who asked about it don't have to wait.  So, grab your spots for that right away too please.  I will only be offering them for a weekend and then that's it until some time next fall.  Yes, you can book now for fall too.  

Sunday, March 12, 2017
By Michelle Fisher Photography
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Meet Mackenzie!!!  

This little girl will steal your heart in a second!!!  

Kenzie's story is part of my overcoming obstacles series.  Her mom and I both think she's the perfect person to show how you can overcome just about anything.  And in the short amount of time she's been in this world, she's taken it all on with a great spirit and strength. 


I'm going to let their words and the pictures speak here.  Read her story and watch the little video after.

Her Story of Over Coming Obstacles : 


I have many pieces to my obstacle. Kind of like a puzzle. The first part started before birth. A late term sonogram showed complications with my heart. They discovered that I have Truncus Arteriosus**, Ventricular Septal Defect, (which is a hole in between the two chambers of the heart), and a faulty valve. Because of this, I needed to be scheduled to be delivered at McGee Woman’s Hospital. Immediately after delivery, I was taken away to be evaluated for surgery. Only my Mom, Dad, and Aunt Kelli got to see me in the delivery room for a second before they took me away. The rest of my family had to wait very patiently to meet me.

**My condition is Truncus Arteriosus. This means: When a person has one large artery instead of two separate ones to carry blood to the lungs and body.

When a person has a truncus arteriosus, the blood leaving the heart does not follow the right path. It has only one vessel, instead of two separate ones for the lungs and body. With only one artery, there is no specific path to the lungs for oxygen before returning to the heart to deliver oxygen to the body.

Open heart surgery was scheduled for January 31, 2007. I was 3 days old. During the surgery, they split the one vessel to make the 2 separate arteries from the heart, the (VSD) hole was patched with mesh, and the new valve was placed at the aortic artery. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital before I could make my big venture home.

When I turned 3 my body outgrew the valve and stents that were put in my heart at birth. This is due to the fact that the artificial materials used to repair my heart does not grow with my heart as I age. So until I grow into my adult size, my “parts” will have to be replaced. Therefore, my second open heart surgery was scheduled. This surgery was a little scarier for me because I was old enough to start understanding what was going on. I only spent 3 days in the hospital this time.

As I got older my family found out that my heart wasn’t the only obstacle that I was going to have to face. 

I am also severely mentally delayed and Autistic. I have trouble learning and even completing everyday tasks. I’ll tell you a little secret, I don’t know how to tie my own shoes. I don’t mind though cause Velcro ones are faster anyway. Social situations are very hard for me so I don’t make friends easy.

The last piece of my puzzle has to be the hardest. Shortly after I turned 7 my mother passed away. I didn’t even know these things could happen. My whole world changed. My Aunt Kelli was right there to help take care of me. She took custody of me and my older sister. I love having her as my new mom, but I will always love and miss my mommy.


Despite all of my “obstacles” I am a very happy child. I love to tease people and make jokes. I am definitely the clown of the family. I have found that I really like to go bowling. My mom signed me and my older sister up for a kids bowling league. I love it so much. I get to be a part of a team and it makes me feel important. My family comes to watch me every week and they cheer so loud when I bowl a strike!! I feel like this is something that I can be very good at even with all my puzzle pieces.

Click the video below to watch how we spent her photoshoot!!!!

Video Slideshow

If this story doesn't make you realize that any obstacle can be overcome with the right attitude, nothing will.  I have gotten to know Mackenzie over the past little while from the photo studio & adore her!!!  She's got a spirit that is simply amazing.