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You can now host your own Portrait Party with Michelle Fisher Photography.

You have been to make-up parties, food parties, candle parties, purse parties, and more so now here’s your chance to earn free portraits for hosting your own Portrait Party!

Portrait Parties are a fun new way to bring together family, friends, co-workers, or even groups for affordable portraits taken in a relaxed friendly environment. Everyone gets a custom portrait experience while attending and has a great time.

How does it work?
It’s very similar to any of the parties listed above. You are the hostess. You chose the location (your home, or a place of your choosing). My studio can also be used if needed. You invite the guests & set the time line for the day. And for your hard work as the hostess, you get portraits and bonuses based on number of guests and purchases. And of course you will receive an exclusive hostess gift just for you that won’t be available to anyone else.

The hostess receives:
-Free custom session
-15 proofs to chose from
-8X10 portraits equal to the number of guests attending
-additional print credit based on sales
-$100 print credit on a future portrait session from Michelle Fisher Photography (parties excluded)
-Additional credits for hosting another portrait party
-Exclusive hostess gift

Each guest pays a reduced rate portrait fee of $99 which include the following:
-a custom photo session
-15 proofs to chose from
-one 8X10 print
-$100 print credit on a future portrait session from Michelle Fisher Photography (parties excluded)
- Additional credits for hosting their own portrait party

You may chose a traditional or themed portrait party. If you pick a theme it can be anything, the sky’s the limit. If we are setting up in your home, I will just need a bare wall or empty space to set up. I will bring all the backdrops, props and equipment needed. I won’t take up much room, I promise. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination started:

Tea Party
Girls Night out with professional headshots for website, social media, business cards, etc
Couples night - grab your paired up friends and make it an evening of portraits & fun
Families - can be a simple as update your family photo day
Mom & Me
Teens - bring their friends together for a photoshoot party
Extended family - grandma wants one large group photo & then each family can get their    individuals taken too
Dress-up or fashion show
Holidays or Seasons
Dance, Sports (any kids activities)
Or best yet….. create your own theme!!!

Then you make out a potential guest list. I require at least 4 people (so 5 with the host) to participate in the parties with a maximum of 10. Discuss dates with your guests to see which dates will work best for all of you. Think of the best location. Once your date is set, we put together an invitation by mail, email, Facebook or evite--however you want. Things to think about…It’s All About FUN!

The initial payment of $99 is due upfront from each guest. This insures that we know the number of guests attending & that we won’t have no shows or last minute cancellations, and you can plan for the number of guests to be prepared for. I will send an online link to you for them to pre-pay and get a receipt for their payment.

Tips for a Successful Host
• Have snacks (it keeps the little ones busy who are waiting for their turn). You can provide snacks yourself or do it potluck style have have everyone bring a little something to share.
• Schedule your guests’ sessions 20-60 min apart (you chose session length that will work best for your group & theme). Schedule them consecutively so there aren’t any gaps. Let your guests know they aren’t required to stay the whole time.
• Make sure each guest is prepared & knows outfit needed for the theme.
• Follow up with your guests with reminders
Please let guests know payment in full is required to hold their spot. And remember: As a hostess, you receive prints for each guest attending and credits on their purchases.

Now it’s PARTY TIME!!! I will work my magic while you entertain or host an open-house style type event. It’s up to you if you want same day viewing, a return viewing session, or online galleries for your guests to view the images. We can decide that before the event so that the day of, it runs smoothly & according to the time line we plan out. In addition to prints, I will have other products and photo gifts available for purchase & will bring some samples along with me to your party.

There will be no obligation for your guests to purchase anything more than their initial deposit, but I am going to try to make that hard with gorgeous portraits for them to chose from. Pricing for additional products will be standard collection or a la carte pricing from the price guide that can be found here: PRICE GUIDE WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW

Once all orders are placed, I will let you know your how much photo credit you have earned and you can chose your images. Products are delivered to you to give to the guest who attended or they can chose to have them shipped to their homes for the cost of shipping.


Ready to book?  Have more questions?  Contact me.  I will be happy to talk with you and explain more.  


Unfortunately, newborns sessions are not included in the portrait party.  Newborns require more time up to 3 hours for care, safety, and just baby time.  But newborns can be photographed within families at a portrait party, just not as the theme & session type.