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What to expect:

First we will probably talk on the phone or through messaging.  At this time we set up either a more extensive email consultation or we schedule an in studio consult.  It is complementary & informal, but it allows you to ask any questions & see if I am the right for for your portrait needs.  You are under no obligation to book.  But if you chose to, we discuss outfits, locations, style, all those things that will help us plan the perfect session that you are dreaming of. 


We book your session & I collect the session fee at this time. You gather outfits, ideas, and anything else that you will need for the shoot. You can send me images you like or just ideas that you want for your session.  The sky's the limit & I will try to accommodate any request within reason. I have had requests for a plane, water, animals, and much more.  


Be prepared for the day with all needed outfits on hangers with accessories, shoes, props you want to bring along.  Hair & make-up is additional but can be added to your session.  If not adding it, I encourage you to use your own stylist prior to the session, it makes more of a difference that you would think in the images.  A stylist will know the best techniques for hair & make-up that photographs well.   Unsure of outfits?  Ask me, I know what photographs the best for all body types & groups. 


Shoot day!!!  This is the fun part.... we meet & get started.  I will guide you through it all every step of the way.  I realize that most people have no experience in front of the camera & make sure you are comfortable.  I know all the poses to make you look your best, you just have to trust me. If we are in studio, it's smooth sailing, everything is right there.  If on location, we change on the road.  Bring whoever you like along, it's your session.  If you are bringing a pet or small child, a helper is also a nice addition. 


After your session, we schedule you to come back for an ordering session.  At this appointment you will view all your images & make your selections of products.  Please make sure all decision makers are present for this meeting, you will be ordering at this appointment. A payment plan is also available at this time if you wish to spread out the cost.  No products are delivered until obligation is met. 


Then it takes just a couple weeks for your products to be ready!!!


Start to finish, I will help you with any decisions, ideas, all of it.  Expect to have a lot of fun!!!  It's usually more than just a photos session, you are creating a memory of the session too.  You just never know what will happen on session day, the baby pees everywhere, your heels make walking difficult, or something completely random happens.  Relax & enjoy it.  It shouldn't be stressful.  I will do my best to make your experience the best I can.